I’m still here

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long! I’ll give a quick update, and I am working on some real posts. My last post was about hiking in Kentucky. Remember me mentioning a pinched nerve that was causing a lot of pain? Well, that wasn’t it. But, it becomes important soon. When we got home from KY we went to my uncle’s funeral, then left for Las Vegas. We were home about a week, maybe a bit longer, when we decided to add a new family member.


This is Trixie, she is a pit bull mix we adopted from the shelter. And, she is great. So, anyway, I was busy with her for about a week and a half. Just getting to know her personality, since we didn’t know much about her. Plus, since I am generally the only person around ALL the time, we wanted to teach her she was my dog. I did all the feeding, and walks, etc. This plan backfired when about 9 days after we got her, I was hospitalized for a week.

Remember that pinched nerve? The pain never went away. It got worse. Then my left arm went numb. But, I brushed it off, this has happened a lot over the last few years. Then the left side of my face went numb. But, I wasn’t having trouble, one side wasn’t drooping or anything. It was numb for about 5 days, the 6th day I got vertigo really badly. I laid in bed crying that I was going to fall out of bed, while my husband insisted I was laying in the middle and wouldn’t fall out. So, we went to the ER. 4 ┬áhrs later I was admitted with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and an IV drip. So, I’ve spent more time researching the illness than I have researching my blog posts. When I got out of the hospital, I was using a cane for about a week.

In the span of a month, I went from hiking mountains in KY and hiking in Nevada to using a cane to walk to the kitchen.

The weekend after Thanksgiving Brad and I flew to Buffalo, NY. He needed a milage run to keep status on Delta, and I think he wanted to show me everything was ok, this didn’t mean I had to stop traveling.

Then, we had the holidays and birthdays. My husband, my son and myself all have birthdays with in a week of Christmas.

It has been a crazy couple months. But, things are slowing down now, and I will catch up on my blog posts.

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