About Me

I’m Katie!

I am from north-eastern Indiana. I have two boys, and a lovely husband, Brad. Brad’s job makes travel very, very easy. He has to leave town for work Monday-Friday every week. The company pays for his airfare, gas, meals and hotels. Which means, the frequent flier miles add up. As do the free hotel stays, free car rental days, and various other perks of being away from home so much.

Sometimes, we take real vacations.

Sometimes, the kids stay at grandma’s and I get to fly out to work with him.

Sometimes, the kids and I are bored, or missing him and we take a drive. Though, we’ve learned, about 10 hrs with one driver is our limit.

Brad and I also like to take road trips.

So, as you read, sometimes the places will be really cool. Sometimes, they are pretty much a cornfield in Iowa. Just depends on where the company sends him. Often, some of my favorite pictures are taken while trying to find something to do in the tiny towns.

I home school the kids, so we have the ability to travel all year.

And, besides pretty places, I just really love the ways you can get there. If it is a mode of transportation, I am interested. So we go a lot of places to see air shows, or hot air balloon launches, or vintage cars.

Kind of a fun traveling fact about Brad and I. The place I was born, northeast Indiana, is literally, the furthest point on the map from where Brad was born, in Australia.

Enjoy the page.

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    1. I did marry an Aussie. I really hope we get to go there sometime soon. I’ve never been, and he hasn’t been home in a long time. Thanks for connecting on Twitter as well. 🙂

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