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Don’t Be That Person- Gate Rushers


This was the gate for my husband’s flight out of Cleveland yesterday. The only time I ever really see this NOT happening is on early Monday morning flights full of business travelers, and even that isn’t a guarantee.


If you are THAT concerned about overhead space, then perhaps you should pack a bit lighter. And, stop using the overhead bins to store your purse, your laptop bag, your backpack, your carry on, your jacket, and your umbrella.

I know, you are sitting there thinking “you are only allowed one carry on.” But, watch sometime. You will see people get on, unload their “one personal item” into 4 or 5 personal items and put it all in the overhead. Don’t be that person either. (personally, I think airlines should do free check and paid carry on, but that’s a rant for another day)

But, anyway, the airplane boards in a certain order. Why are you rushing the door when grandma needs to get around you because she needs assistance onto the plane? You aren’t getting on any faster, AND you get to look like a jerk.

First class passengers get to board before you. Why? Because they paid for that privilege. It is that simple. They paid to be in front of you. If you would like to be first, I’m sure Delta will happily take your money.

Or I suppose you could bring a newborn with you, or become dependent on a wheelchair. Both of those will move you to the front of the line. But they all seem like far more trouble that either a. paying for a better ticket, or b. waiting your turn.